Roulette is an iconic game of chance whose origins are still being discussed today. Some researchers believe that it was invented by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. Others say that the primitive forms of roulette trace back to ancient  and base their views on archaeological excavations. In any case, researchers claim that the roulette wheel in its modern appearance appeared in the 19th century and was later divided into two different variants: French and American roulette. The word “roulette” is translated from casinos as a “small wheel” and this is a good name because the sectored wheel is the cornerstone of the roulette game. Today, roulette is synonymous with wealth, glamor and majesty and its spinning wheel with a bouncing ball has given many generations of players in and around the world great pleasure.

Since the advent of online casinos in the early 2000s, online roulette has become a focal point on many gaming sites. It has over a dozen variants but the most popular are European, American and French roulette games. The key elements in all games are a wheel and a table layout marked with many bet elements. Unlike land-based roulette where players use casino chips to place their bets, online roulette has a convenient graphical interface that replicates chips with different values. A bet is made by selecting one or more chips and then clicking or tapping a desired space in the table box. Each table has a certain betting range that normally starts at $ 1 and reaches up to thousands of dollars. It is worth noting that some tables accept fun credits in addition to betting on real money.

A table layout consists of a numbered grid with 37 numbers for European and French roulette and 38 numbers for American roulette. There are efforts inside and outside. Bets are placed on any individual number or group of numbers that is within the grid, while the fields for casino games are outside the grid. Winnings and related payouts are different for each type of game, and external games that cover many numbers at a time have the highest chances of winning. The types of bets in online roulette are.

A roulette wheel has 37 (or 38) numbers that are arranged in a specific order, not randomly as it may seem at first glance. The configuration of a European and American wheel is different, but there are some similarities for each of the wheels: Red and black numbers come in alternating order and are never next to each other. In addition, even / odd numbers and low / high numbers are distributed as smoothly as possible. With this in mind, some experts believe that the American wheel is less balanced than the one-zero wheel due to many violations of this structure on the former.